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Fina Daniati, 12212956
PI Management, Department of Economics, Gunadarma University.
Keywords: Reward, Punishment, performance of Employee

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Activities of the Organization in the achievement of the goal depends whom managing the company's organization. Organizations that have qualified human resources that will be able to win the competition and can develop the organization. One of the things that are important in the management of human resources is the performance of employees. There are several factors that can increase the performance of the employees these is the application of reward and punishment system within the company.
The research was conducted to find out the magnitude of the influence of the system of reward and punishment on performance of employees of PT a. w. Faber-Castell Indonesia. In addition, this research can also be used by companies as input in an effort to improve the performance of its employees.
This research is the research of kuatitatif, where the shape of the data presented in the form of numbers. The data used in the study was obtained from the results of the questionnaire to the dissemination of the 86 respondents who is an employee of PT. A. W. Faber-Castell Indonesia. This research used method of analysis of Test validity and reliability, multiple linear regression, correlation coefficients, and test hypotheses. This research is focused on the system of awarding of reward and punishment that is in PT. A. w. Faber-Castell Indonesia and how his relationship with employee performance.
The results of the testing indicate that there is a reward system influences the performance of the employee to the value of the correlation of 0.495. And the contribution of the giving of the reward employee performance against (the coefficient of determination R ²) is amounting to 24.5%. While the correlation coefficient value system of punishment with the performance of the employee was 0.284. This means that punishment has an impact on the performance of the employees of 8,06%. The total influence of reward and punishment on performance of employees is 32.9%, and the rest is influenced by factors other than this research.

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